Strategic research on gill health at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute

The Gill Health Platform (GHP) is a strategic concentration of research at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), motivated by the vital importance of the gills to fish health and function.

The GHP assembles researchers and projects with expertise and interest in fish gill health, with particular focus on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and aquaculture.

Gill diagnostics and disease investigations are routinely performed by pathologists, microbiologists and other experts associated with the GHP.

It is a strategic priority for the Norwegian Veterinary Institute to organize research activities as cross-disciplinary collaborations within the institute, and to establish larger project groups and teams. New research projects complementary to ongoing and finalized projects associated with the GHP will contribute to reinforce the platform and subsequently our ability to support the aquaculture industry, competent authorities, fish health professionals and other stakeholders.

The GHP is compliant with two of the top three strategic priorities listed in the NVI research strategy: fish health, “One Health” and animal welfare. The GHP is similarly compliant with core elements of the NVI strategic plan 2016-2020:

“… promote (and be the authorities’ preferred advisor and knowledge provider regarding) fish health, animal health, animal welfare, human health and sustainable bio-production. This is to be achieved through a future oriented, scientifically ambitious and interplaying organization that provides diagnostics, research, innovation, surveillance, risk assessment, advice and communication.”

The GHP is associated with the International Gill-Health Initiative, established in 2013. The co-ordinator of the GHP is senior scientist Anne-Gerd Gjevre. For details on specific projects, derived/associated publications and staff, see separate hyperlinks (right margin) and figure 1.

GHP co-ordinator:
Anne-Gerd Gjevre

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