The second meeting in the international “Gill Health Initiative”

The 2014 meeting in Oslo was the first follow up to the inaugural meeting of the International Gill Health Initiative (GHI) held at the University of Stirling, Scotland in January 2013. Here you find available presentations from the meeting. 

The objective of the 2nd meeting was to bring together salmon-farmers, fish health workers and scientists to present and discuss factors/results of significance for management, treatment and control of various gill diseases or conditions in sea-farmed salmon included, but not restricted to, amoebic gill disease (AGD).

The first day of the meeting was devoted to a practical histopathology workshop. Field cases and experimental pathology were presented and the establishment of a common histopathological ‘scoring system’ for gill pathologies was discussed. Days two and three were devoted to plenum presentations from invited speakers and oral presentations from the participants.

The meeting was arranged by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) in cooperation with the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund which was the main sponsor of the meeting.   

Approximately 130 persons from Norway, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Chile attended the meeting. Not all presentations are available online, and those available are hyperlinked in the text below.