Norwegian Fish Health Report 2023

According to monthly reports, 37.7 million farmed salmon and 2.4 million rainbow trout (larger than 3 grams) died in land-based hatcheries in 2023. Additionally, 62.8 million salmon and 2.5 million rainbow trout died during the sea phase of production.

Overall, the same three health issues stand out in 2023 as in 2022: delousing injuries, complex gill diseases, and winter ulcer. A significant change in 2023 is that injuries caused by jellyfish are ranked among the top ten health challenges. Regarding serious, infectious diseases, there are concerns about the increase in cases of bacterial kidney disease (BKD) and four diagnoses of pancreas disease (PD) north of the endemic PD zone. These diseases have not caused particularly high mortality at the farm level but pose a serious risk of further transmission. A positive development is that the national decrease in number of PD cases continued in 2023, coinciding with increased vaccine coverage, especially in MidNorway

The data in the Fish Health Report is mainly taken from: Official registers (The Directorate of Fisheries, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Veterinary Drug Register), the journal record systems at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and private laboratories as well as a survey among employees in the fish health services and inspectors from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. New to this year’s report is data from the fish health database AquaCloud