Report on the Norwegian-Mongolian mission NOR-MON-HEALTH

This report presents a proposal of four collaborative projects between Norway and Mongolia aimed at increasing competence within One Health. 

The Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food funded the Norwegian Veterinary Institute to carry out a scientific mission in Mongolia to map potential areas for collaboration. The main goal was to identify topics of common interest for Mongolia and Norway that can allow both countries to develop interventions/projects aimed at increasing capacity in both countries in preparedness for animal health, public health and food safety, following the ONE HEALTH approach: animals, humans, and environment.

The visit was conducted between June 17th and July 4th, 2019 during which time the NVI team visited Ulaanbaatar and its surroundings as well as Dornod province in the Eastern region of the country. Meetings and visits were held with Mongolia veterinary authorities, veterinary services at all levels, education and research institutions and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.