Probability of rabies entry to Norway through dogs and cats

Quantitative model, description and results.

The present report contains the technical details of the model used to answer questions related to the probability of introducing rabies through the importation of unvaccinated dogs and cats younger than three months from specific countries. Full result tables are reported, and specific elements necessary for proper understanding of the results are discussed. A short version of these elements is included in the report entitled “Probability of rabies entry to Norway through dogs, cats and wild fauna”, by the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety, Panel on Biological Hazards.

The present quantitative model estimates the risk of importing rabies to Norway through the importation of dogs and cats (hereafter called ”pets”) from specific groups of countries. Two options are considered, theimportation of unvaccinated young animals (< 3 months), and the importation of vaccinated and tested adults.