Fish Health Report 2018

‘The Health Situation in Norwegian Aquaculture 2018’ is the sixteenth in an annual series of fish health reports first produced in 2003. Reactions received over the last few years indicate that there is significant interest in an annual report on the current status of fish health and welfare in Norway.

Treatment against salmon-lice remained in 2018, as in previous years, the major fishhealth related challenge in Norwegian aquaculture. The health- and welfare consequences of salmon-lice  treatment relate mainly to the acute and often fatal injuries associated with the treatments

Besides the salmon louse, the viral diseases dominate the disease situation. Cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) appears to be of increased importance nationwide. In addition, pancreas disease (PD) is important in endemic areas. Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) is catastrophic for infected farms. The bacterial disease yersiniosis, which has been particularly problematic in Mid-Norway, appears now to be under better control.