The Norwegian zoonoses report 2009

The report contains information on trends and sources of zoonoses and zoonotic agents in Norway during
the year 2009.

This report is submitted to the European Commission in accordance with Article 9 of Council Directive
2003/99/EC1. The information has also been forwarded to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and to the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA).

The information covers the occurrence of these diseases and agents in humans, animals, foodstuffs and for Salmonella also feedingstuffs. In addition the report includes data on antimicrobial resistance in some zoonotic agents and commensal bacteria as well as information on epidemiological investigations of foodborne outbreaks. Complementary data on susceptible animal populations in the country is also given. The information given covers both zoonoses that are important for the public health in the whole European Community as well as zoonoses, which are relevant on the basis of the national epidemiological situation.

The report describes the monitoring systems in place and the prevention and control strategies applied in the country. For some zoonoses this monitoring is based on legal requirements laid down by the Community Legislation, while for others national requirements are applied.

The report presents the results of the examinations carried out in 2009. A national evaluation of the epidemiological situation, with special reference to trends and sources of zoonotic infections, is given. Whenever possible, the relevance of findings in foodstuffs and animals to zoonoses cases in humans is evaluated.

The information covered by this report is used in the annual Community Summary Report on zoonoses that is published each year by EFSA.