Friskmeldingsprogrammet for Gyrodactylus salaris

Friskmeldingsprogrammet danner grunnlaget for friskmelding av vassdrag etter at behandling for å utrydde Gyrodactylus salaris er gjennomført.


As part of the post-treatment surveillance programme for Gyrodactylus salaris in Norway in 2021, 596 salmon juveniles and 25 Arctic char from four watercourses were examined in 2021. In addition fins from 510 Arctic char from the lakes Fustvatnet, Mjåvatnet and Ømmervatnet in Fustavassdraget watercourse (Nordland county) were examined. G. salaris was not detected in any of the examined samples.

The status at the beginning of the year 2022 is that G. salaris is still confirmed present in eight Norwegian river systems.

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