Wild boar health surveillance

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) is collaborating with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) on a surveillance programme for wild boar in Norway with the aim of monitoring the incidence og infectious agents that are transmittable between wild boar, to domestic pigs and to humans.

If you would like to receive sample collection equipment in order to submit samples from wild boar hunted in Norway, please contact your local office of the NFSA or the swine health expert at the NVI Carl Andreas Grøntvedt


The following serotypes (n) of Salmonella spp. were detected in faeces from 13 hunted wild boars: S. enterica subsp. diarizonae (7), S. Typhimurium (2), S. Duesseldorf (1), S. Hessarek (1), S. Newport (1) and S. enterica subsp. enterica (1).