Research areas antimicrobial Resistance

The development and spread of antimicrobial resistance is a global threat for both humans and animals, and requires joint efforts across countries and disciplines. The AMR research group aims at acquiring knowledge on the dynamics, dissemination and transmission of AMR in a “One health” perspective, and thereby contribute to the joint efforts against further development of AMR.

In Norway, the usage of antimicrobial agents to animals is very low. This is reflected in the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in animals and domestic produced food. Although the use of antimicrobial agents is considered the most important driver for development of AMR, development and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance can also occur through other unidentified, and less characterized and understood mechanisms. The Norwegian animal production with a low antimicrobial usage provides a unique possibility for building basic knowledge and gaining insight into such mechanisms. We are working on issues related to this, identifying possible risk factors and thereby enabling measures to be taken for the benefit of animal health, food safety, and ultimately in a bigger perspective for human health.