Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Program 

Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Programme (TAPP) is a local research and outreach based Non-Governmental Organization in Malawi which was founded in the year 2000.

The organization coordinates livestock related research and implements livelihood development projects focusing on livestock and crop production, gender, climate justice, education, and health. TAPP aims at becoming a leading NGO in the transformation of sustainable rural livelihoods in Malawi.


  • Professor Leonard Kamwanja
    Leonard Kamwanja.jpg

    Name: Leonard Kamwanja 

    Title: Professor in Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology

    Role in the project: Provide supervisory role to the PhD students and leadership support to TAPP  

    Academic background: Holds a PhD in Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology and is a Professor in the same field 

    Experience: He is currently the Executive Director for TAPP and has worked as a livestock specialist in Malawi since 1975.  He retired as a Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Malawi in April, 2011 and joined TAPP as its Executive Director in July of the same year.

    Before attaining the position of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof Leonard Kamwanja had worked as a teaching associate and excelled to the Professorship of animal science. His work involved teaching students in various aspects of animal science and also guiding research and research outreach activities on livestock management.

    In addition, he spearheaded the development of partnerships between the University of Malawi and Norwegian Universities.



    Phone: +265 999 966 769

  • Bernadette Chirwa     
    Bernadette Chirwa.jpg

    Name: Bernadette Chirwa  

    Title: Chartered Accountant

    Role in the project: Finance and Administration Officer at organization level  

    Academic background: She is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and has a Diploma in Accounting with ICAM 

    Experience: She has 11 years’ working experience in financial accounting, managing donor funding, budgeting and reporting as per donors’ requirements. She has worked in microfinance with Malawi Microloan Foundation and is now working with the Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Programme (TAPP) as Finance and Administration Officer.



    Phone: +265 991 005 556

  • Brown Chitekwere
    Brown Chitekwere.jpg

    Name: Brown Chitekwere

    Title: Economist, MSc

    Role in the project: Supervising program operations at organization level

    Academic background:  He holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics

    Experience:  Brown is currently the head of programs for TAPP. He has vast experience in livelihood programming and project management. Besides that, Brown has an extensive research background in agriculture and livelihoods.



    Phone: +265 997 688 195

  • Jacob Linde
    Jacob Linde.jpg

    Name: Jacob Linde

    Title: Environmental and socioeconomic Researcher, BSc

    Role in the project: Project Monitoring and Evaluation at organization level 

    Academic background:  Jacob Linde holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Management

    Experience: He has been in the field of research since his graduation from the University of Malawi in 2013. He is currently the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for TAPP and has adequate experience in environmental and socioeconomic research and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of general livelihood projects.



    Phone: +265 996 270 464

  • Anita Mahata
    Anita Mahata.jpg

    Name: Anita Mahata

    Title: Agriculturalist, BSc

    Role in the project: Programme coordination at organization level

    Academic background:  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture

    Experience:  Anita is currently the Programme Officer for TAPP. She has extensive experience in livelihood programming especially thematic areas of livestock and crop production, climate change and project management. Besides that, she has experience in coordinating agricultural related research projects.



    Phone: +265 999 597247