Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies is an international NGO working towards eliminating dog bite mediated human rabies cases by 2030.

We do this through research driven approaches, conducting canine mass vaccination campaigns, rabies surveillance and education. We have worked in Malawi since 2015, vaccinating across 3 districts and carrying out surveillance and education across 4 districts in Southern Malawi.

Website: www.missionrabies.com


  • Jordana Burdon Bailey
    Jordana Burdon Bailey (2).jpg

    Name: Jordana Burdon Bailey 

    Title: MSc Vet MB MRCVS, Mission Rabies Africa Projects Director

    Role in project: Implementing partner

    Academic background: Veterinarian with an MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law

    Experience: Jordana has worked with Mission Rabies since 2013 and has extensive experience in developing, running, co-ordinating and monitoring rabies elimination campaigns. She has worked on rabies elimination campaigns across 8 countries and is based in Malawi, where she coordinates rabies elimination campaigns within Malawi and across Africa.

  • Frédéric Lohr
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    Name:   Frédéric Lohr 

    Title: Veterinarian, MRCVS, Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Role in project: Implementing partner

    Academic background: Veterinarian with a track record in operational research on the implementation of rabies elimination programmes

    Experience: Frédéric joined Mission Rabies in 2014 and is currently overseeing the organisation’s international partnerships with intergovernmental organisations and implementation partners, as well as the global programme portfolio and project expansion.

  • Dagmar Mayer

    Name: Dagmar Mayer

    Dagmar Mayer (2).jpg

    Title: Dr. Med. Vet., MRCVS, Mission Rabies Malawi Country Manager

    Role in project: Implementing partner

    Academic background: Veterinarian with a dissertaion in physiology

    Experience: Dagmar joined Mission Rabies in 2013. She has helped to develop and implement rabies and dog population control campaigns in several countries. Since 2017 she has been Malawi Country Manager and is coordinating the rabies elimination campaign in Malawi.