NVI member of WOAH's Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission

At the annual meeting of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), held in Paris May 26-31, researcher at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) Saraya Tavornpanich was elected as a member of the Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission.  The 6 current members of the commission are now from Australia, Chile, China, Ireland, Norway, and South Africa.

The Aquatic commission focuses on developing international standards and guidelines for the control of aquatic animal diseases (those affecting fish and other aquatic species), including guidelines on disease surveillance, prevention, and control measures.

-The works typically operate through a process of consultation, research, and consensus-building among member countries. The commission may convene meetings, workshops, and expert consultations to review scientific evidence, share experiences, and develop draft standards and guidelines. These drafts are then subject to a formal consultation process involving all WOAH member countries before being adopted as official WOAH standards, says researcher Saraya Tavornpanich. 

Her membership is for a three-year term starting from the election date. A new election will take place in May 2027.

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