Genetically modified organsims (GMO) in food, feed and seed.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute do surveillance of GMO in food, feed and seed in Norway.

The purpose of the program is to monitoring the presence of GMO in food, feed and seed in both domestic and imported products.

The reports are published in Norwegian, but contains a short summary in English. 


The overall analytical results of the 2020 monitoring program are not significantly different from the results of previous GM monitoring programs in Norway. However, the covid-19 pandemic resulted in a cancelling of the food monitoring program, and therefore a lower total number of samples and an altered distribution between the sample categories. A total of 65 samples were analyzed in the program, mainly of feed and seeds. Traces of GM materials were detected in 32 (49 %) of the samples. In six samples (9 %), illegal levels of EU approved GM feed materials were detected.

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