The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI)

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a national biomedical research institute in the fields of animal health, fish health and food safety, whose primary function is supply of independent research based advisory support to the governing authorities.

Preparedness, diagnostics, surveillance and monitoring, reference- and scientific advisory functions, and risk assessment are the most important areas of operation. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has its central laboratory in Oslo, with regional laboratories located in the cities of Sandnes, Bergen, Trondheim, Harstad and Tromsø.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a governmental agency, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Norwegian Research Council. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food owns properties and buildings from which the Norwegian Veterinary Institute operates, while the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has responsibility for maintenance. The buildings are in good condition and the laboratories modern.

The institute’s products and services are research results and reports, analyses and diagnostics, scientific evaluations and advices within the main fields of operation.


World Food Day 16th October

The theme of the World Food Day 2014 is family farming with the slogan “feeding the world, caring for the earth”, to draw the attention to the importance of small scale agriculture as an important contributor to the overall food security of the world and a sustainable food production. Through the project Veg-i-Trade the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has been contributing to create an arena for stakeholders in the global food chain to raise discussions and awareness about challenges with global trade and food sovereignty.

Text book about vaccination of fish

The book “Fish vaccination” published by Wiley Blackwell has recently been placed on the market. The 30 chapters have been written by leading scientists in the field. Roar Gudding and Atle Lillehaug from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and Øystein Evensen from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences are editors and chapter authors. 

Updated information on a "new disease" in rainbow trout

A new disease is described in freshwater rainbow trout in Norway. A new virus is detected in diseased fish, but not yet confirmed as the causal agent of the disease.

 More Highlights

New Publications

"Molecular characterisation of Sarcocystis lutrae n. sp. and Toxoplasma gondii from the musculature of two Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) in Norway"
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"Piscine orthoreovirus (PRV) infects Atlantic salmon erythrocytes. "
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"Sequence Analysis of the Genome of Piscine Orthoreovirus (PRV) Associated with Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) in Atlantic Salmon (Sal..."
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"Infectious salmon anaemia - pathogenesis and tropism. "
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