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Colquhoun Duncan

Colquhoun Duncan

Senior Researcher
Fagområder: Bakteriologi , Fiskehelse , Molekylærbiologi
Telefonnr: 23 21 61 41
Seksjonstilhørighet: Bakteriologi - fisk og dyr
Email: duncan.colquhoun@vetinst.no

Control Flavobacteriaceae infections in European fish farms

The project aims is to improve the control of Fp and Tm infections, data at both the epidemiological and molecularlevels are urgently needed. This project aims at filling this scientific gap and immediately investing the acquired knowledge to provide the fish-farming community with new tools for diagnostic and prophylactic methods.

Francisella philomiragia subsp. noatunensis infection in farmed cod (Gadus morhua): Diagnosis, characterisation, and environmental studies

A new systemic infection caused by F. noatunensis subsp. noatunesis has recently emerged and has rapidly developed into a major threat to the industry. The focus of the proposed project is, therefore, further characterisation of Francisella spp. isolated from fish, in particular that from cod, and precise taxonomic placement of relevant species.

Gill disease in Atlantic salmon – studies of multiple factors in challenge models

Sound gill health is a key-factor for fish growth and welfare. Gill disease contributes with a significant part of disease-related losses in marine farming of Atlantic salmon in Norway. A better understanding of gill diseases, their etiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology, is needed to develop more effective disease prophylaxis and treatment. The gills are multifunctional organs, involved in respiration, osmoregulation, acid-base and nitrogen excretion in fish. A number of infectious and non-infectious factors are linked to gill diseases, and the etiology seems to be of multifactorial origin.

Identifisering og karakterisering av bakterielle sykdommer hos rensefisk (leppefisk og rognkjeks) til bruk i biologisk kontroll av lakselus

The present project will concentrate on surveying the infection status of wild and farmed cleaner fish, investigate the role of the current three major bacterial suspects yet remain open for characterisation of relevant novel species identified during the project.

Proliferativ gjellesykdom hos laks i sjø: Patologiske, molekylærbiologiske og epidemiologiske studier

Om høsten rammes ofte laks i sjøvann av gjellebetennelse med til dels betydelig dødelighet. Sykdommen leder ofte til respirasjonsproblemer som forårsaker betydelige tap både i form av direkte dødelighet og pga dårligere tilvekst og økt mottakelighet for andre sjukdommer.

Rensefiskhelse: Tapsårsaker og forbyggende tiltak

Dette prosjektet har som mål å generere kunnskap om rensefiskhelse som på kort og lengre sikt vil ha praktisk anvendelse.

Strategic research on gill health at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute

The Gill Health Platform (GHP) is a strategic concentration of research at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), motivated by the vital importance of the gills to fish health and function. The GHP assembles researchers and projects with expertise and interest in fish gill health, with particular focus on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and aquaculture.